4DAYS / 24HOURS

    199,000 PER DAY

    We offer a full range Photoshop classes adapted to your needs and expertise, plus few extra goodies such as Prezi and another design tools. One course has maximum 12 students. Hurry up and book your course.

    Flash 2.0 for animated Prezi
    PDF with Photoshop

    8HOURS | 1DAY

    149.000 PER COURSE

    It's up to you to decide how important it is to have a great presentation to obtain an investment or to attract attention on your new project. We need you to have basic Photoshop and computer knowledge.

  • Design Conference

    days 2 coming soon

    Great speakers, and awesome outcome. This event will promote Seoul as Capital of Design in Asia. Workshop with Korean designers and european designers. Media design, Games and Apps, Product Design, Fashion, and Life.

The Main Course

This course provides you with the necessary information to effectively use Photoshop. It will take you through basic to advanced techniques, gaining more practical experience as you go along. You will learn the basics of layers, photo retouching, image editing, layout, and even website logo and banner design. This course is the first step for those who wish to obtain Adobe Certified Expert certification. We study: Photoshop, Prezi, Creativity Boosting, Design from pixels to meters, RGB to CMYK

What can you learn

Well, you will know how to think, sketch and wireframe a design project. To draw digitally from pixels to centimeters. How to ask prices from a print house or a media company and how to deliver print materials to a printhouse (Desktop Publishing) Very important is to know where to find inspiration and how to find great quality photos and images. A lot of work for 24 hours, but we promise you that you'll enjoy every minute.

We have a special course for Prezi, and learning how to do beautiful PDF presentations. Check that out!

What's our favorite candidate profile?

This course is suitable for 0 LEVEL Photoshop knowledge but also for people that want to get better in Photoshop.

It is important to master the simple tools and menus and to know exactly how they can help you to harvest your creativity. It is not a waste of time In few hour we pass from zero to advanced. Our method is proven to work for beginners and for designers. It will be a fresh start for the way you think about design.


Well, after we scan the applications, we approve 12 people for the course. We try to select people with different experience level and with commune goals.

• STEP 1 • First step is to register for the course . & follow the payment instructions form the first email.

• STEP 2 • Meet the students and the team in a local bar. It is nice to know everybody in the first day of the course. It just makes things comfortable and easy

• STEP 3 • Attend the class. A lot of fun and cool things to learn

• STEP 4 • Take the exam. It will be really hard. We promise you that. But we also promise that you'll be able to do every task we will ask you to

• STEP 5 • Award evening event and talent show. It is the moment when we go crazy. You have the chance to show us what is your special power

See the detailed program PDF

When & where

The course is active now in Seoul. It is scheduled as a 4-day program, 2 weekends, each day 6-hour session. Course schedules can be compressed from a 2-day session to a 2 weeks 2 hour session/day, upon students' agreement and availability of trainers. We special deals for groups.

Online Live Photoshop Training

Yes, it is possible. We have great technology available right now. This feature is available since January 2014, and can be really suitable for quick introduction to Photoshop. It is easy and comfortable. It is a personal one to one course. But you'll have your own professional designer guiding you trough Photoshop.
We have 4 sessions of 6 hours each. The price for one session is ₩190,000/$170/€150

Are you rich? Hire us!

If you are rich and you want to book the course for your company, let's talk!
We need a flight both ways ( Currently Spring 2014 from Seoul, South Korea & our staff = 1 or 2 people, depending on the program ) and accommodation for few nights in your city, village or island, plus our course fee.

Please contact us at weare[at]amsterdamgentlemen.com We already held the course in : Amsterdam, Berlin, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Paris and now we are in Seoul, what is next?

Donate one hour of course for a person that can't afford it!

From time to time we got really impressive emails. Young people that want to have a better life, a better job, and can't afford our course. In this section donate for a person that can't afford our class. We will keep you informed about the person we've selected. We will send you hers/his contact and a picture from the course. For every hour that you donate, we will support another one.